Sunday, 8 February 2009

Here is some old school EBM for free download: Void Kampf and Lokomotiv

Void Kampf, the French old school EBM act have just been signed on Sigsaly Transmissions and have announced to release their new album this June. The title: "Sévère Mais Juste". They are also lined up for our beloved Familientreffen V festival in July.

Void Kampf are different in their music, expanding their tracks to techno and more noisy composition from time to time, yet always remaining EBM. There is also some humour involved - such as the marvellous EBM cover of an old 80s hit: Boys (Summertime Love) by Sabrina, which appears under the name "Hidden Track" in one of their demos.

Speaking of which, Void Kampf have been very generous and put up their three demos for download, entirely for free on their official homepage. Go there for download and view other general info about Void Kampf, or just follow these links directly:
Void Kampf - First Assault.
Void Kampf - Suck My Beat.
Void Kampf - Non Stop Sucking Beats.

Some won't admit it, but Eine Tasse Jäger blog knows you wonder about the Sabrina cover! It can be found in First Assault release.

Another band that deserves a mention is Lokomotiv. Once announced dead, and now returning with their hard beats and fast and heavy old school EBM, they are playing in Dessau, Germany on 14. February. (That's next Saturday).

They also put up their EP "Steam" for free download here.

Eine Tasse Jäger blog wishes many other bands would consider this sort of promotion. It is a pity some of the artists are almost impossible to find, their albums either being sold out or their demos existing only on Myspace as a preview. Spread it!


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