Monday, 23 February 2009

Here are some of the new unreleased songs from Sturm Café..

Sturm Café put up their newest unreleased tracks for free download (now that the second album won't be released after the split-up of the band), and I got the "OK" to publish them on this blog.

Download them here (rapidshare)
Here (sendspace) (in case rapidshare is too busy..)

These are five songs:
1. Tot (not the remixed version on Tot EP)
2. Der Löwe Ist Zurück
3. Morgen Kommt Der Schwede
4. 360 (instrumental)
5. Fegefeuer

Otherwise, another EP "Scheissnormal" from Sturm Café might eventually be released as the last from Sturm Café - here is to hoping that it comes true!


Anonymous said...

Hey man keep doing what you do, this blog is very good and informative... now more ppl just have to know about it ;)

Fishermang said...

Thanks thanks!

It is slowly getting more popular. I will do some more promotion in the nearest future, spam a message board here and there, etc ;D

Anonymous said...

Thx for the dl-tracks!
SturmCafé will remain one of the best bands around.

Anonymous said...

Will do mate.