Monday, 23 February 2009

RIP Sturm Café 2001-2009

This blog is sad to bring you very disappointing news.

Sturm Café have split up, as announced by the band itself:

"From this day, 22st of February 2009, Sturm Café no longer exist as a band.
This decision was taken today by Gustav and Jonatan who both leaves the band without bad blood."

Sturm Café was one of the most known and popular bands in EBM since their successful debut album "So Seelisch So Schön". Largely influenced by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and early Nitzer Ebb, but also drawing influence from NDW, this band was different, funny, original, playful, catchy, pop, but always hard punching old school EBM. Therefore it is very sad to see one of the veterans of the revival of old school EBM disappear.

It is even more disappointing to see them go, considering all the live concerts that were lined up this spring and summer, as well as the planned new releases.

I will post an update soon about their newer tracks which were made for the new album.


Anonymous said...

It's so sad. :(

Fishermang said...

Very sad :( I know extremely many people god very disappointed. But it is worst for those who never got to see Sturm Café live. I hope they consider playing their last concert on Familientreffen 5.

Anonymous said...

Oh... =/ I am from Brazil, I am their fan, i allways listem to them and love their songs and atmosphere... Its a very sad new..
I hope they turn back their decision and play again!!!
Sturm Cafe is one of the greatest old-school ebm bands ever!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've only recently started getting into old school and anhalt, but I've really grown to love it, and these are one of the bands I really got into. That's such a disappointment ):

Anonymous said...

breathe easily they are back again! sie sind zurück!